Saturday, April 02, 2011

Is this thing on?

With all the social network stuff and maintaining a couple other sites I pretty much forgot all about this blog.  Looking over past posts reminded me of things I hadn't thought about in a while.  Facebook, Twitter, etc. are great for you to leave a trail of streams of consciousness but they aren't particularly effective at capturing content other than photos.

A lot has happened since my last post nearly five years ago:
  • My father passed away in 2009
  • I've gotten old.  At least I feel old.  The weight has got to go.  Sometimes I wonder if quitting smoking was such a good idea - I was a lot thinner then.
  • I need to wear glasses for certain things.  So far I haven't gone to see an eye doctor - I just get those drug store reading glasses.
  • I'm in a different band - Laughing Through Your Fingers - - I'm really fortunate to be playing with these folks.  They are dear friends and way better musicians than I am.
  • Our dog Bonsai passed away in 2009
  • I play guitar a lot these days.  When the band isn't gigging, I sit in with folks when I can and play at local open mics, jams, etc.
  • New car, guitars, etc.
  • Somehow I ended up singing backup vocals - who thought that was a good idea?  I can't play or sing very well so doing them at the same time brings the fail.
  • People have pretty much stopped buying CDs.  In fact, they try not to pay for music at all.
  • I've switched teams at work - I was working on Visual Studio but a couple years ago I switched to working on our mobile OS which became Windows Phone 7
  • We finally got rid of Bush.  But we got Obama.  I suppose that's a trade up and definitely better than McCain but it's depressing to think this is the best we can do.