Thursday, January 26, 2006

Musical Journey Part 2

It all started with Michael. Yes, that Michael. No, I'm not kidding. Just about my earliest memories of being "into" music were inspired by the Jackson 5 Saturday morning cartoon show. I sure was surprised to find out there really was a "real" Jackson 5 and that Michael was this little kid like me.

I *really* loved there music. I still do. I really enjoy most of the music that came out of Motown as well. I don't remember which birthday it was (probably 7 or 8) but one year my cool surprise present was the Jackson 5's Greatest Hits LP and my mother made my birthday cake look like a record with the Jackson's dancing on top (probably pipe cleaner figures).

There was a sincerity in that music that really resonated with me. In retrospect I realize what a lasting impression this sincerity/honesty/integrity in music has meant to me. Basically, it means I really hate the poser music much more than it probably deserves. I can't stand when you hear music where people are forcing it like it's a job. I get that people need to make a living, they just won't get any of my money for their uninspired drivel.

As I grew a bit older I remember my parents had the Tea for the Tillerman album by Cat Stevens. My father also had the 8-track tape and we'd listen to that driving around. That is a truly remarkable album - I listen to it to this day. Great lyrics and great arrangements. Again, a truly open and honest sounding record. Man, sometimes I miss the days before computers.

I remember hearing Terry Jacks' classic "Seasons in the Sun" sometime around then as well. This song really struck a chord with me for some reason. I suppose the production is dated and cheesy by modern standards but the lyrics and melody are really good. For some reason we couldn't find the record anywhere. I suppose I "discovered" it past it's prime :) I remember my mom and I ended up finding it on some sort of "superstar hits" LP when we were in Germany for vacation one summer. I remember the rest of that LP being pretty lame.

At some point during elementary school I remember my mom teaching me how to play the recorder a little bit. I still remember the notes on the sheet music were color coded and REALLY BIG. At some point around the 2nd or 3rd grade (I think), I remember taking some piano lessons. I didn't like it. Not at all. Probably mostly because my piano teacher had old lady breath. Yucko. Plus, I had already discovered there was more to music than stuff like Mary Had a Little Lamb.

Stay tuned for the hottest band in the world...

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Emmy said...

That is really cool Tim!
Lookin' forward to the hottest band review. I think I can guess who. ;)