Sunday, May 14, 2006

HippieSound Inaugural Jam

No fanfare. No hype. We just kicked around some ideas for tunes today.

Dino was over today with his wife and daughter celebrating Mother's Day (hope y'all had a good one by the way). We snuck off down to the basement for a while and just fooled around with some bits and pieces of stuff for some songs. We're both a bit rusty but who cares - it was fun!

I just plugged my nylon string Godin guitar into the PA and started noodling song ideas. Later I busted out the Taylor T5 and noodled some more. Given a lull of any kind I tend to just move on to something else so we were all over the map.

It's been funny to discover that despite a lot of common musical ground and our close ages that we really don't know many songs in common. It's just as well, I want to do original music anyhow.

1 comment:

Emmy said...

Original Music! Sweetness!
So... when are you going to record something and put it up, eh?
I'm jealous of your T5. (grin)