Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

We had a full house today. My wife Melissa of course, our sons, my mom, Kat, Dino and their daughter Kayla, and Melissa's high school friend Karen with her daughter Laura. Everyone came over for lunch. I was popular with the ladies because I got them all flowers and cookies. My wife made a huge pot of my favorite soup and we broke some fresh french bread. Mom showed up with her killer orange pound cake.

Melissa spent a lot of time making the soup - a delicious ham and bean soup with her own personal touches. I love it.

After she got the beans soaking last night, started the stock, and everyone else went to bed (Karen and Laura were here for the weekend), Melissa came down and helped me untangle cables in the jam room. There were a LOT of cables and she was really helpful. It made a pretty tedious task fun because we got to just enjoy each other's company.

This morning Melissa got the soup going and it cooked for hours. Yum. It was GOOD. Real GOOD.

Ideally I would have been more helpful but I kept fading out today - I've had severe throat problems for a couple days and it really kicked my butt today.

The kids made some very cool cards/drawings for Melissa and were pretty darn good today.

It was a great day for me - Melissa I hope it was for you too.


Emmy said...

So Awesome! Good freakin' times, man!

JB said...

Can I came too & join your mothers day? One more... it doesn't care!

Enjoy your lovely family & the blogosphera! ;-))